The participation fee is 9.500,00 € + 21,00 €* and it will be divided into three instalments:

  • advance fee of 1.500,00 € to confirm your participation in the Executive Master;
  • first instalment of 4.021,00 € at the time of enrollment;
  • second instalment of 4.000,00 € within six months from enrollment.

Enrolling in the programme participants accept any obligation and charge related to the payment of the entire participation and enrollment fee.

Considered the fixed costs, in case of withdrawal from the programme or exclusion from it, participants will not be reimbursed the participation and enrolment fee under any circumstances.


The advance fee can be reimbursed only in the following cases:

  • if the programme does not start, which happens only if the minimum number of partecipants is not reached.
  • if the Italian Embassy does not issue your Visa (cor extra-EU citizens only);


All students enrolled in the programme are subject to the provisions set out in the Tutition Fee Guide.

*5 € premium for accident insurance + 16 € Enrolment revenue stamp. The insurance premium may change due to the stipulation of a new insurance contract.