Career opportunities

The programme is focused on training high-profile scholars and professionals in the field of urban and regional development, which could aspire to an academic career or management positions in public or private structures, related to planning and management of transformation processes that affect the cities, the territory and the environment (detection, monitoring, analysis, evaluation, planning and management of the urban systems, territorial and environmental, infrastructure and transport systems, the transformation works of the soil and subsoil). The programme is based on the acknowledgement of the young people ambition to look beyond national borders, both while completing their educational and academic training, and while searching for a job.

Therefore, career opportunities offered by doctoral training can be summarized as follows: public and private scientific research carried out at national, European and international level; university education at national, European and international level; public management in Community, state, regional and local administrations oriented toward management of the territory, urban management and organisation of transports and environmental protection; leadership in the private sector (construction companies, real estate market, local development agencies, urban development companies, engineering companies and architecture consulting and professional offices alike).