Study visits and field trips

Students of the Master’s degree programme in Environmental and Land Engineering have the opportunity to participate in study visits and field trips that allow them to deepen the contents covered in the classroom from a more applicative point of view.

The trips may include both field activities and visits to industrial sites operating in fields that are related to the study programme.

The following are some of the visits realized in recent times:


Studenti preparano una sonda inclinometrica

Paroldo, Cuneo
Course: Monitoraggio idrogeologico e dei versanti
Students have analysed the impacts of building and land instability. and have measured the movements in an inclinometer with an inclinometer probe.

Studenti nel sito ENI di Robassomero prendono appunti durante l'uscita didattica

Eni plant, Robassomero
Courses: Reclamation of Polluted Sites and Dinamica degli Inquinanti

After a detailed seminar on site and soil characterization and on mathematical models of the aquifer system, the students have had the chance to witness purging and sampling operation of piezometric monitoring network points.

Studenti nella centrale elettrica IREN

IREN Power plant, Torino Nord
Course: Engineering and Industrial Systems

During the final week of the course, students have had the chance to visit the IREN power plant where they saw first-hand the topics discussed in class.

Foto di gruppo degli studenti nella Grotta di Bossea

Bossea Cave and Sorgente Mondini (CN), December 2023
Courses: Monitoraggio idrogeologico e dei versanti and Idraulica ambientale

The students visited Sorgente Mondini where tests with artificial tracers and salt were carried out to evaluate flow measurements in mountain torrents.

In the afternoon the students visited the Bossea Cave, specifically, the monitoring network and the laboratory present inside the cave.  

Gruppo di studenti in visita all'impianto Sasil srl

SASIL Srl of Brusnengo and Minerali Industriali of Cacciano, December 2023
Course: Raw and waste material engineering



Studenti presso impianto di depurazione

Wastewater treatment plant of Castiglione Torinese and TRM waste-to-energy plant, December 2023

Courses: Climate Change Mitigation and Environmental Engineering 

Visit to two key plants for environmental sustainability of Turin, explanation of the processes, challenges and insights of the plant management.

Foto di gruppo di studenti presso impianti e opere idrauliche AIPO

AIPO plant and hydraulic projects in Alessandria, Canelli and Nizza Monferrato, December 2023

Course: Protezione idraulica del territorio

Visit to two detention basins and a water lifting station for flood risk reduction, hydraulic projects managed by AIPO (Iterregional Agency for the Po River).


Foto di gruppo di studenti presso l'impianto RAEEMAN

RAEEMAN E-waste process and treatment plant, December 2023

Course: Raw and Waste Material Engineering

During the technical visit the students had the chance see first-hand the innovative processes to recycle alkaline and lithium batteries and solar panels.

Foto di gruppo di studenti e studentesse durante l'uscita didattica presso l'ex amiantifera di Balangero

Ex Amiantifera of Balangero, November 2023

Course: Planning of Sustainable Mining/Occupational Safety Engineering

The students have visited the plants and the landfills of waste material produced by the comminution and separation treatment of open-pit mining.

After the explanation of technical and regulatory aspects the field trip ended with the visit to the environmental analysis laboratory.

Foto di gruppo di studentesse e studenti a Milano per la conferenza SISC

Società Italiana per le Scienze del Clima conference, Milan, November 2023

Master's Degree: Gestione dei Rischi Naturali

Students had the chance to talk to researchers and experts in the climatology sector to further their knowledge of climate topics and of climate risk modeling, exploring how it can inform adaptation strategies in crucial sectors such as: tourism, industry, infrastructure and water resources management.

Foto di gruppo di studenti e studentesse in visita all'impianto di trattamento plastiche di Borgaro Torinese

Plastic selection plant in Borgaro Torinese, November 2023

Course: Raw Marerials and Waste Engineering

Visit to the new plastic selection plant managed by AMIT_IREN in Borgaro Torinese.

Foto di gruppo degli studenti e delle studentesse durante l'annuale esercitazione in campo del corso di Ingegneria degli acquiferi

Botanical Garden of the University of Turin, November 2023

Course: Groundwater Engineering

Field training for the explanation and the demonstration of various procedures for characterizing aquifers: the mechanical slug test, sampling with bailers, measurement of chemical-physical parameters of water, and the use of pressure dataloggers.


Foto di gruppo di studenti, studentesse, tecnici e docenti durante l'uscita didattica a Cervinia

Cervinia (AO), November 2023

Courses: Innovation Lab for Climate Change and Climate Change Adaptation

Geophysical and geomatics survey campaigns for the analysis of climate change impacts on the glacial and periglacial environments. 

Studenti e studentesse in visita all'impianto di trattamento rifiuti ad Asti

Composting and anaerobic digestion plant in San Damiano d'Asti and Asti's waste treatment centre, November 2023

Courses: Climate Change Mitigation and Engineering and Industrial Systems

The group has been to San Damiano to visit the composting facility for the treatment of the organic fraction of urban solid waste and public mowing for the production of renewable natural gas for energy purposes.
Visit to the plastic separation plant and to the system of biological stabilization of mixed waste at Asti’s waste treatment centre. 

Uscita didattica alle Terme di Valdieri, professore e due studenti all'interno di una grotta

Valdieri hot springs (CN), October 2023

Course: Monitoraggio idrologico e dei versanti

Examination of the Val Gesso territory a few days after a flood occurred, evaluation of the rock outcrop infiltration rate, measuring the chemical-physical parameters in hot springs waters, examination of the effects of water chemism on the rocks inside the caves.

Studenti in visita alla Cava di Cavaglià

Cavaglià quarry (BI), October 2023

Course: Raw material Processing and Recycling

Visit to the Cavaglià quarry of Valledora SpA and to the treatment plant connected to the quarry where the excavation material is cleaned and classified, and where larger pebbles are crushed.

Galleria Vajont

Fiel Trip in Vajont, June 2023

Course: Management of Natural Hazards

The field trip in Vajont was organized on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the landslide that occurred on October, 9th 1963.

Visit to the the hydroelectric plant "Achille Gaggia" and to Vajont's dam explaining the valley's morphology and the dynamics that triggered the landslide. 

Visit to a construction site in Torino, October 2022

Visit to a construction site in Turin, October 2022

Course: Reclamation of polluted sites.

Visit tot the excavation, installation and implementation of one of the perimeter diaphragm walls of the structure.

Visit to the construction site of Infra.TO

Cantieri Infra.TO, June 2022

Course: Tunnelling

Technical visit to the Infra.TO construction yards for the extension of the metro 1 of Turin.