Student teams

Student community is stimulated to participate to several initiatives that offer the opportunity to strengthen multidisciplinary and horizontal skills, like Student teams. In particular, three of these Teams are tutored by DIATI’s professors:

Mi Lego al Territorio

Students of Mi Lego al Territorio team showing a LEGO model to school pupils

A student team composed of Engineering and Architecture students who share a keen interest in Civil Protection and environmental prevention. They raise awareness of natural hazards, such as seismic and hydrogeological risk, by means of scale models built entirely in LEGO®, which allow us to simulate and observe the effects of earthquakes and flooding phenomena first-hand in an engaging and educational way.

Team Direct

Team Direct in a campaign

Disaster and Recovery Team is a student team at the Politecnico di Torino. The Team, composed of Engineering and Architecture students, operates in the field of Geomatics applied to Disaster Management. The main activities are related to environmental vulnerability analysis, immediate response to emergencies, protection of the territory, building heritage and environmental, architectural and archaeological assets.


Students of the AKANOAH team

The A.K.A.NOAH PoliTo student team was born within the Turin Politecnico. Its objective is to design a boat equipped for environmental, hydrological and ecological monitoring of the Po. The project also includes the installation of a waste collection system to be applied throughout the boat itself, in order to guarantee the cleaning of the river during navigation.