After graduation

Environmental engineers find many job opportunities in industry where sustainability is now a key issue not only for process optimization and compliance with legal requirements, but also for marketing strategies that respond to the needs of a society that is increasingly aware of environmental issues and green policies. 

Graduates in environmental engineering are often employed in the public sector, where they control and monitor compliance with environmental legislation and with local, regional and national policies.

Career opportunities can also be found in consulting agencies and engineering firms which need experts in the design of water treatment plants, waste management plants, infrastructures for natural risk prevention, always with a clear awareness of how these might be affected by climate change.

Environmental engineering is a fast-moving sector that requires new ideas to tackle complex problems: this is why environmental engineers have many career opportunities in the field of Research & Development in public and private institutions worldwide. 

Last but not least, if you are up for a career as a researcher or in academia, you may enrol in a PhD programme or in a 2nd level Specializing Master’s programme