After graduation


Agriculture 4.0 is today, more than ever, a topic of great attention for the Italian and global agricultural sectors. The new master's degree course in AgriTech Engineering responds to a rapidly evolving demand for a new professional figure, able to combine the needs of agronomists with technological knowledge aimed at developing efficient and environmentally compatible productions to guarantee the sustainability and traceability of agricultural production 4.0.

The main professional opportunities are related to the following:

  • large companies and complete agricultural supply chains that need technicians to standardize production, increase quality, and reduce waste;
  • multinationals in the technological field, which see the growth of activities dedicated to the world of agriculture for the collection and analysis of data;
  • producer associations and organizations;
  • professional organizations;
  • agri-food industries and agri-food consultancy firms;
  • engineering design companies that develop and implement processes, plants, and technologies to support production, distribution, and marketing related to agriculture and agro-industry;
  • research centers and public and private laboratories;
  • technical structures of the public administration;
  • consultancy studies for the environment, safety, agricultural and zootechnical productions.

The course allows you to obtain qualifications for the following regulated professions:

  • civil and environmental engineering
  • information engineering
  • industrial engineering