Study visits and field trips

Gruppo di studenti nella grotta di magnetite di Traversella

Field trip in Traversella magnetite mine, May 2023

Course: Engineering Geology


Studenti e studentesse in visita all'impianto SMAT di Torino

Turin SMAT plant (TO), December 2022

CourseIngegneria Sanitaria Ambientale e Tecnologie Ambientali dei Siti Produttivi

Study visit to SMAT water purification plant in Turin (Maroncelli roundabout). The plant treats water drawn from the Po river and makes it into drinking water for the citizen of Turin.

Studenti e studentesse in un aula magna presso la sede SMAT di Castiglion Torinese

Castiglion Torinese SMAT plant (TO), November 2022

Course: Ingegneria Sanitaria Ambientale

Study visit to the sewage treatment plant of Castiglion Torinese. The plant treats the wastewater produced in the city of Turin and in about 40 towns in the metropolitan area.

Field activities, June 2021

Annual multidisciplinary field trip. The students of the Bachelor’s Degree programme in Environmental and Land Engineering have carried out activities of environmental chemistry, applied ecology, topography, applied geology, hydraulics and urban mobility.

You can watch the field trip on DIATI’s YouTube channel.