After graduation

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At the end of the Bachelor’s Degree programme in Environmental and Land Engineering you will have the expertise related to the educational profile “Specialist in the design and management of works and plants in the environmental and land field”, that can carry out the following job titles:

  • Plant management specialist: managing processes in companies and plants, carrying out operational tasks of environmental analysis and supervision such as: the containment of polluting emissions, wastewater and emission purification, water, waste and air pollution treatment.
  • Monitoring systems specialist: working to develop monitoring systems of main impacts, managing the monitoring network of environmental parameters for water resources and other environmental sections. Working also as prevention and protection service specialist.
  • Construction site specialist: working to prevent and control the hydrogeological risk, to manage restoration work after hydrogeological instabilities, and working in infrastructure construction sites.
  • Junior project engineer/junior consultant: working to create environmental impact assessments, contributing to the planning of land and infrastructure protection works, of waste and wastewater treatment plants, of interventions for environmental recovery, carrying out environmental analysis.
  • Environmental management specialist: managing environmental management systems, quality, evaluation of environmental compatibility and production process safety in companies.

After your graduation, you can decide to enroll in a Master’s Degree programme or in a 1st level specializing Master. You will have direct access to the Master’s Degree in Environmental and Land Engineering and to the Master’s Degree in Georesources and Geoenergy Engineering, both under the degree code LM-35, or you will be able to enter the job market. The main areas of employment are:

  • Industry sector: you will have the chance to work on sustainability processes, compliance with environmental and health and safety regulations, management of waste and wastewater treatment plants;
  • Public Administration: you will be in charge of managing and monitoring the production activities, and applying the environmental guidelines;
  • Project engineering and consulting firms: you will collaborate in the planning of projects concerning the remediation of contaminated sites, waste and wastewater treatments and the mitigation of environmental and hydrogeological hazards.