Diversity manager

In December 2019 Politecnico di Torino appointed Paola Ghione as Diversity and Disability Manager with the aim of promoting actions to enhance and respect all the diversities expressed within our organizational context, in order to create an open and inclusive environment and encourage a shared growth of our organization.

This role, of Diversity Manager from November 2022, promotes specific actions related to our University's strategic programs in terms of recognition of gender differences and of their value in an employer branding perspective, identification and implementation of services and solutions to support the autonomy of people with disabilities in our University and to promote and guarantee the application of law 68/1999.

The Diversity Manager will be in charge of the organizational arrangements and technological solutions to facilitate the integration of people with disabilities into working activities, will verify the implementation of the process of job placement and inclusion in educational paths dedicated to people with disabilities, by reporting any uncomfortable situations and integration difficulties to the competent structures. The Diversity and Disability Manager is in charge of the analysis and evaluation of the educational needs of people with disabilities and of heads of offices of our University.