Equal opportunities and inclusion

"The society of the future needs different creative contribution from each of us."

What does Politecnico di Torino pursue through equal opportunities and inclusion principles?
Our University starts from the recognition of the legal and social equality of each individual, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual or political orientation. The aim is to enhance the differences to improve everyone's quality of life by responding effectively to the transformations of society.
The purpose of Equal Opportunities policies is to overcome unfavorable conditions through the achievement of an effective equality in employment and student life that removes all forms of discrimination and accompanies inclusion through awareness-raising, training and other positive actions.

In order to harmonize gender policies, our University appointed the Gender Observatory in 2019, responsible for the gender budgeting process, which should be presented in its first version in September 2020. Starting from the complete analysis of the document published every 3 years (first published in September 2020), the process elaborates the policies and verifies their implementation.

In 2018, the Poliwo - POlito for WOmen project was also launched, which includes, among other things, the implementation of the WeAreHERe campaign to promote the enrollment of female students in engineering courses in the two editions 2019 and 2020. With similar purposes, awareness videos, presentations and public events about equal opportunities and inclusion have been planned and implemented; they were addressed both to the student population and to Politecnico workers.