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Since 1859, our community of researchers and students has been changing the world. In more than 160 years of history, PoliTO-branded research and the ideas born from our student population have always been at the heart of the “present” and driving towards the future, thus contributing to the development of the country, the territory, and the people.

Research and innovation


The international setting of scientific research is increasingly global and complex. Politecnico fits into this scenario by directing its research activities towards the main social challenges worldwide, with the aim of producing a growing impact at both local and country level, as well as further increasing its contribution to the work of the international scientific community.

 Politecnico fosters the dissemination of a “polytechnic culture” also in the corporate domain, and provides articulate support to public administrations and the political community to enable a virtuous development of society. For this reason, the University aims to further strengthen its “innovation chain”, which starts from the development of skills and research results, and goes all the way to their concrete application with the creation of innovative goods and services.

Education and the right to study

ragazzi che lavorano insieme

In contrast to the negative Italian demographic trend, the proportion of students enrolled in engineering courses is growing nationwide. In addition, an increasing proportion of young people are migrating from other regions in search of quality education.

The Turin Athenaeum, within the limits of its structural and budgetary resources, will continue to increase the opportunities for the right to study by offering as many students as possible an education that is appropriate to the times and aimed at developing young professionals ready to make an impact, even in their regions of origin.

Sustainability as a concrete and achievable value

giardini verticali

Politecnico has adopted lines of development that are focused on environmental and social issues in line with the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals. Vertical actions, affecting all areas related to campus management, on the topics of energy, mobility, territorial development, food, water, waste, are sided by transversal actions with broader impacts that fall under the university’s Third Mission.

In the broader global scenario, following the disruptive effects of phenomena such as globalisation, climate change, an ageing population and the penetration of increasingly pervasive technologies, the university must evolve in order to continue to have an impact on rapidly changing society. The Politecnico has therefore set itself the goal of becoming a “platform” University, that is permeable, inclusive, open to the world of professions and to industry, and with a key role in innovation and lifelong learning processes, in order to increasingly become a driving force behind the sustainable development of society.

Culture and the transfer of knowledge

mani bambino e anziano

Science and technology are culture, as the motto of the Technology Biennale states: Technology is/and Humanity.  Politecnico brings all forms of knowledge into the discourse and contributes primarily to the cultural, but also civil, democratic and economic growth of society.

Politecnico di Torino is aware that the future must be actively conceived and developed and this ambition is pursued with awareness and responsibility through its contribution to the growth of knowledge and innovation, by sharing research results with the production system, as well as the culture it generates with society as a whole.