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We are a public, open and inclusive university serving the country.

We belong to the community and to all those who care and share our mission: students, families, citizens.

And we want to develop our values towards the future, aiming to improve the lives of people and the new generations, and to pursue technological progress, and socially, environmentally and economically sustainable innovation. These are not just good intentions: our founding principles become a daily commitment, concrete projects, a tangible impact on the territory, a change of habits, listening to and involving the entire community.

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Tax benefits

Politecnico di Torino also supports its activities through liberal donations, guaranteeing those who donate tax benefits and transparency in the management of the funds raised.

Individuals and companies can access various forms of tax relief.

The tax system grants tax benefits to taxpayers, fiscally resident in Italy, who make donations to Politecnico.

It should be noted that the following indications are purely informational and each situation must be thoroughly investigated by the donor with respect to the tax benefits arising from the donation.

Private individuals (non-entrepreneurial natural persons) who make donations to University are entitled to tax benefits, to be claimed in their tax return (730, “Modello Unico” form).

The reference legislation is the Consolidated Income Tax Law (T.U.I.R.), Art. 10, paragraph 1, and Art. 15, paragraph 1, letter i-octies). The first article regulates deductions from the total taxable income with no limits on the amount; the second, on the other hand, regulates tax credits to be deducted from gross tax with a deductibility limit of 19% of the amount paid by the donor.