The mission of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC) is to conduct world-class scientific research on entrepreneurship and innovation and to promote an entrepreneurial and innovation culture.
The activities of the Center include the development of new methods and practices for transferring the results of scientific research, the study of the organization of local ecosystems of innovation, the analysis of policies and strategies for the attraction of talents and investment, new forms of innovation financing.
In this direction, the Center is aimed at providing a direct support for the growth of the entrepreneurial environment of Politecnico di Torino.

Social impact

 Entrepreneurship and innovation Center

We conduct world-class scientific research. In performing its researches, the Center aims at generating a significant impact on society through higher education programs, the development of projects to support academic entrepreneurship and technology transfer activities, and policy advisory activities.

The Center pursue the generation and consolidation of a international network of collaborations with academic institutions, firms, multinationals, financial intermediaries, incubators and public institutions with the objective of sharing ideas and contributing to the development of a fertile entrepreneurial ecosystem.



The Center supports an open view of research and teaching in the domain of innovation and entrepreneurship and welcomes a plurality of methods and approaches.
The Center investigate the innovation and entrepreneurial phenomena relying on both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
The domain of entrepreneurship and innovation are to be considered under two distinct and interrelated perspectives: the creation and growth of new firms (i.e. entrepreneurship) as well as the creation of new value within existing organizations (i.e. intrapreneurship or corporate entrepreneurship).