Ecosystem partners


Partners of the Technology Transfer System of Politecnico di Torino contribute by providing specialized services, networks, and complementary and synergistic skills.

Starting from the business development support provided by the  I3P Business Incubator, the network also includes Fondazione Links, Fondazione Piemonte Innova, and Fondazione Compagnia di Sanpaolo, important partners from the point of view of financing and supporting the projects developed at the university. Another fundamental player is the Competence Industry Manufacturing 4.0, the national reference hub for the digitalization of manufacturing processes of companies. Important relationships have also been developed over the years with various Venture Capital funds (such as Eureka! Venture, Scientifica Venture Capital, Tech 4 Planet, Galaxia, LifTT, and Obloo), and with organizations and platforms that promote technology transfer such as Hello Tomorrow and Knowledge Share.

Politecnico di Torino is also an active member of Netval, the Italian association that brings together Universities, Public Research Bodies, IRCCS, and other organizations operating in the sector of research and development of new technologies.



The Incubator of innovative businesses of Politecnico di Torino supports the birth and development of high-tech and high-growth potential startups, founded both by researchers and university students as also by external entrepreneurs, providing strategic consultancy, coaching, and mentoring services, fundraising support, and workspaces.


LINKS aims to promote, develop, and strengthen innovation processes through research projects with strong innovative potential that can create an impact on the productive system and the public sector, in both local and international contexts.


Through the Mission “Valorizzare la ricerca” of the Planet Objective, the foundation contributes to the development of research aimed at the advancement of scientific knowledge in line with national and European programs and priorities and promotes excellence training programs to enhance the use of knowledge, so that it can have a positive impact on the economy, society, and the environment.


Hello Tomorrow is a global initiative that helps transform breakthrough discoveries in science and technology into products and services that can help improve human and planetary health. Through their international events, Hello Tomorrow connects all key players to harness their full potential.


The platform, born from an idea of Politecnico di Torino, aims to make available clearly and understandably information relating to patents and technologies that represent the excellence of the scientific know-how of Italian Universities and Research Centres, to provide a unified channel and simplify interactions between the world of research, businesses, and investors.


Independent venture capital firm focused on Deep-Tech investments. The Alternative Investment Fund, "Eureka! Fund I - Technology Transfer", was launched in 2020 and invests in proofs-of-concept, spin-offs, startups, and companies aimed at valorizing the results of Italian scientific research activity on Advanced Materials and more generally of Materials Science and Engineering.


LIFTT is an holding company that offers an innovative and dynamic vision of Venture Capital applied to Transfer Technology. LIFTT promotes an ethical business model inspired by ESG and has raised €103 million to date, completing 45 investments in innovative start-ups and SMEs.


Obloo Ventures is a company that invests in and assists the development of companies with a high scientific research content. A pioneer of Deep-Tech investments in Italy, today Obloo Ventures is also an entrepreneurial partner and co-investor of the National Aerospace Technology Transfer Hub Galaxia, created by CDP Venture Capital.


Scientifica Venture Capital is a holding company that invests in advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, artificial intelligence and quantum technologies sectors, in the pre-seed, seed and early stage phases. Scientifica Venture Capital acts to bridge the gap between Italian research and industry, offering start-ups financial support, laboratories and equipment necessary to carry out the industrial validation of the technology.