The University’s internal technology transfer services

Politecnico di Torino supports the technology transfer system via its administrative services, where master’s graduates and post-docs who are skilled in technical and scientific, economic and management and legal subjects work in synergy with the teaching staff and university researchers to provide the professional support needed at every step of the technology transfer process. An interdepartmental laboratory for technology transfer (LabTT) is also used, which combines scientific activity and the administrative component, providing transverse support to all the university departments in managing research and innovation collaborations.

Of the various technology transfer activities conducted by the University, the most significant in terms of combining scientific research, high-quality training, and knowledge sharing concern:

  • managing and promoting intellectual property and the university’s patent portfolio;
  • creating, recognising, and monitoring Politecnico di Torino spin-off companies ;
  • promoting the network with the industrial world so as to strengthen collaboration with SMEs and the main actors in the region, as well as with large industrial groups;
  • promoting the University's technologies and know-how within a national and international network;
  • legal assistance for the University’s internal structures regarding industrial and intellectual property rights and in negotiating and drafting related contractual documentation;

disseminating the entrepreneurial culture and importance of the University’s public outreach to qualify the city of Turin as one of the European reference points in terms of enhancing research, generating, in addition, qualified employment opportunities for the University’s younger generations.


Research, relationships with companies, and innovation area (RIMIN)

The activities relating to technology transfer within Politecnico di Torino are located within the Research, Relationships with Companies, and Innovation Area (RIMIN) that integrates research with innovation and education, sharing knowledge and its impact on the economy and society in line with the University’s Strategic Plan. It acts as a driver for launching opportunities for collaboration with businesses, stimulating and directing the demand of businesses and local organisations, and enhancing the results of research undertaken at the University.