CLIK - Connection Lab & Innovation Kitchen

Clik Lab

The CLIK (Connection Lab & Innovation Kitchen) is a space for innovative teaching, promoted by the Interdepartmental Laboratory for Technology Transfer (LabTT).

CLIK was founded in December 2017 as a place for student entrepreneurial design connected to the application of research, where innovative projects and prototypes will be created, ready to take on the market challenge.

The starting idea is to offer an informal space where students with different backgrounds can meet to generate new ideas, develop the best solutions and create innovation with a real impact.

CLIK offers a new teaching approach (non-frontal lessons, work in multi-disciplinary teams, team pitches, concluding demo day, etc.) and a challenge- driven training path with the objective of fostering cross-pollination between state-of-the-art research, students’ innovative ideas, different backgrounds, cutting-edge tools, and businesses.

The challenges may be proposed by businesses (Challenge_by Firms) or by Politecnico (Challenge_by Students). To solve a challenge, students work in the laboratory and give impulse to the creation of start-ups with a technological DNA.