Confidential Counsellor

The Confidential Counsellor, appointed by our University, has the task of providing advice and assistance to anyone (student, faculties, or technical-administrative-library staff, etc..) who has suffered from sexual or moral harassment or discriminatory behavior.

The Counsellor is one of the figures in charge to implement the principles of the Code of conduct for the protection of the dignity of female and male workers and students of Politecnico di Torino.
The Counsellor works to guarantee the right to a working and study environment which encourages and promotes interpersonal relationships, in compliance with the fundamental principles of respect, equality, freedom, fairness and dignity of the individual.

The new Confidential Counsellor of Politecnico di Torino for the two-year period 2021-23 is the lawyer Silvia Sinopoli who has been appointed, with Rector's decree no. 536/2021 of 08/07/2021, effective July 26, 2021. The office hours of the Confidential Counsellor at the CUG premises (2nd floor at Palazzina Custodi in Corso Castelfidardo, 49) are: Tuesdays from 10:00 to 13:00; the Counsellor is also available for remote interviews and meetings at the same times.

Appointments can be arranged by writing an email to
The Counsellor will respond within 2 days.

The Confidential Counsellor, in collaboration with  LIFE and Affari Legali services, prepared a short Guide against harassment: you can dowload it here.