Specialist tracks

In Year 2 you will choose from among seven specialist tracks (in Italian) with courses grouped into homogeneous issues.

The English-taught programme has a single specialised pathway that focuses on energy and design.


    You will develop knowledge and skills related to automation and control of processes, machines and robotic and mechatronic systems.

    Fabbricazione additiva

    You will learn about additive manufacturing techniques (3D printing) and related materials and you will study new design methods for this innovative manufacturing technique.

    Produzione meccanica

    You will learn about modern manufacturing processes for Industry 4.0 and gain skills on numerical simulation of products and related processes.

    Progettazione degli impianti

    You will study topics related to industrial and thermotechnical plants, their safety, management and construction

    Progettazione meccanica

    You will learn design techniques of mechanical systems with reference to machines, components and materials; you will develop skills on modern computer-aided design methodologies in static and dynamic structural design.

    Propulsione di veicoli terrestri

    You will learn about vehicle propulsion systems, with an in-depth study of thermal engines in terms of architectures, dynamics and performance evaluation. You will learn how to develop technological solutions for low environmental impact systems.


    You will learn about transportation systems and facilities for mobility and logistics (road, rail, metro, cable, intermodal, maritime), with reference to the design, operation, management of vehicles, flows and transport networks, as well as aspects of automation, electrification and economics.


    The English programme offers a single pathway with courses related to propulsion systems, design of machines with a focus on dynamics and numerical design of thermal systems.