After graduation

At the end of the programme you can continue your studies with a 2nd level Master’ degree programme or a PhD programme in the field of mechanics both in Italy and abroad.

Alternatively, you can find work as a Mechanical Engineer and choose between a variety of career fields such as:

  • industries involved in the design, production, control and maintenance of mechanical, metallurgical or electromechanical components, equipment and systems;
  • manufacturing and processing industries that use mechanical, metallurgical and electromechanical production systems;
  • companies in the vehicle production sector;
  • companies and public bodies in the energy conversion sector;
  • contractors and companies that organise, manage and maintain plant and equipment for factories, buildings, handling and transport;
  • service and industrial consultancy firms;
  • public or semi-public bodies with technical functions.

You may also work as a freelance professional in both design and industrial management consultancy.