Programme details

What will you learn?

The curriculum is organized in four learning areas that offer common courses for all the five specialist tracks in different management fields.

Common learning areas:

  1. MARKETS, STRATEGY AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – you will learn about the models and tools required to analyse the external environment, to formulate a strategy and to design an appropriate organizational model. You will understand the effects of technological change of product and production process on competitive dynamics. You will learn the basic elements of management control, industrial accounting, corporate financial management and capital budgeting methods;
  2. MANAGEMENT OF PRODUCTION AND QUALITY SYSTEMS - you will study the management strategies for a production system and the procedures to analyse the performance of the system itself. You will learn about the elements of quality management systems in the field of production/provision of goods and services, including project management and risk management;
  3. CORPORATE ECONOMIC AND LEGAL ANALYSIS – you will study the most important economic theories on the functioning of markets, economic systems and corporate governance systems. You will learn about the legal framework of limited companies and their obligations;
  4. ICT SYSTEM MANAGEMENT - you will study the logic of analysis, design, control and development of information systems within companies producing goods and services;

The programme includes mandatory teachings for the first three of the four semesters. You will then choose a specialist track from a number of different options that will allow you to finalize your preparation in a specific management field.

The final exam involves the development of a thesis project.


How will you learn it?

The Master’s degree programme is taught both in Italian and in English.

You will take part in practical classes, case studies on different types of companies and markets, group work and seminars with the participation of experts from the private sectors.

What you can do next

Your career as a Management engineer begins here. You will be able to choose from a variety of career fields in ICT management and design and in business information systems (classification also provided by EUCIP European Certification of Information Professionals):



  • MANAGEMENT OF INNOVATION PROJECTS: you will manage innovation projects connected to the development or improvement of products and services and related business processes. You will have horizontal roles and functions to connect the various corporate divisions: technical, production, logistics, marketing, information systems, finance and control. You will intervene in strategic planning processes, in technology analysis and in the definition and management of business plans;
  • CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT OF COMPANIES: you will be an analyst in support of the senior management within marketing, production and finance divisions for the definition and implementation of their respective strategies.
  • INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT TO SUPPORT BUSINESS PROCESSES: you will analyse business processes, define information requirements and identify IT solutions and information system architectures. You will participate in programmes and projects to improve information systems and organizational performance, considering the necessary balance between risks, costs and benefits;
  • MANAGEMENT OF BUSINESS OPERATIONAL ACTIVITIES: you will be in charge of managing specific business operational activities, in the areas of production and internal and external logistics.
  • MANAGEMENT OF PRODUCTION AND SUSTAINABILITY: you will apply integrated design and production techniques to the manufacturing industry. You will learn about additive manufactuirng techniques and systems for assisted planning of production processes. You will understand how to apply sustainable best practices to production managment and assessment of thier effects on corporate performance.