After graduation

Your career as a Management engineer begins here. You will be able to choose from a variety of career fields in ICT management and design and in business information systems (classification also provided by EUCIP European Certification of Information Professionals):

  • MANAGEMENT OF INNOVATION PROJECTS: you will manage innovation projects connected to the development or improvement of products and services and related business processes. You will have horizontal roles and functions to connect the various corporate divisions: technical, production, logistics, marketing, information systems, finance and control. You will intervene in strategic planning processes, in technology analysis and in the definition and management of business plans;
  • CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT OF COMPANIES: you will be an analyst in support of the senior management within marketing, production and finance divisions for the definition and implementation of their respective strategies.
  • INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT TO SUPPORT BUSINESS PROCESSES: you will analyse business processes, define information requirements and identify IT solutions and information system architectures. You will participate in programmes and projects to improve information systems and organizational performance, considering the necessary balance between risks, costs and benefits;
  • MANAGEMENT OF BUSINESS OPERATIONAL ACTIVITIES: you will be in charge of managing specific business operational activities, in the areas of production and internal and external logistics.
  • MANAGEMENT OF PRODUCTION AND SUSTAINABILITY: you will apply integrated design and production techniques to the manufacturing industry. You will learn about additive manufactuirng techniques and systems for assisted planning of production processes. You will understand how to apply sustainable best practices to production managment and assessment of thier effects on corporate performance.