Course details

What will you learn?

The Master’s degree programme seeks to train professionals who can understand the impact of electric engineering solutions on today’s world. It provides the necessary cognitive tools for lifelong learning so that graduates are able to be an active part of technological innovation processes. The curriculum is organized in three specialized pathways with a common first year during which students take general subjects in the field of electric engineering.

Two specialized pathways are taught in Italian:

  • Electrical energy conversion
  • System design

The third specialized pathway is English-taught:

  • e-Mobility and smart grids

In all three pathways students can take optional courses belonging to another specialist pathway. They can also choose courses on renewable sources from a wider course catalogue: photovoltaic systems, wind and hydroelectric energy systems or other courses in the field of thermo-technical and energy-environmental design of buildings.

It is important to note that graduates from almost any Bachelor’s degree programme of Politecnico di Torino are allowed to enrol in the Master’s degree programme in Electrical engineering without having to earn more than the 120 credits required for graduation.

How will you learn it?

In addition to the above-mentioned optional courses, during the course of the programme students can do an internship in a company/external institution or in the laboratories of Politecnico. They can also take part in innovative teaching projects such as Student Teams and Challenges.

The teaching tools include face-to-face lectures, classroom practicals (individual or in small groups), experimental laboratory activities (both at the "Riccardo Tommasini" Teaching Laboratory and at the Enetronics laboratory), text consultation, dedicated software and multimedia supports, technical study visits and self-study.

While writing their Master’s thesis, students can work on industry-based projects with the support of the faculty, researchers, PhD candidates of the Energy Department.