Specialist tracks

In all three pathways students can take optional courses belonging to another specialist pathway. You can also choose courses on renewable sources from a wider course catalogue. The specialized patways will, in general, deepen your knowledge in three main fields:

Electrical energy conversion

The pathways, Italian-taught, trains future electrical engineers who need to address the issues of power management and use of electrical energy in civil and industrial sectors, for the electrification of mobility and for the production of energy from renewable sources.

System design

The pathways, Italian-taught, trains electrical engineers who want to work in the field of plant engineering and electrical energy systems by studying the design of components and systems as well as advanced applications of electrical energy in dedicated sectors.

e-Mobility and smart grids

The entire pathway is English-taught. It has been created to meet the needs of future engineers who have to govern the processes connected with electric mobility, electrification of consumption, the increase of renewable resources connected to the grid (in particular photovoltaic and wind power) and the contribution that the electrical system can make to sustainability by replacing other energy commodities.