Specialist tracks

While in Year 2 you will be able to tailor your study plan to your needs and interests by choosing some optional courses, in Year 1 you will be able to choose among two different tracks:

Construction resilience

Working at the typical urban scale, you will learn about methods of assessment and integral design, which involves coordinating and developing all aspects of design, implementation and maintenance of interventions on the built heritage, use of innovative tools and methods with a view to the whole system and to its safety.

The entire course catalogue is Italian-taught.

Green building

Working at the typical building scale, you will learn how to deal with the representation and integral design of new buildings or interventions on the built heritage, developing and coordinating the entire construction process from design to construction (construction site) to management (maintenance) with a comprehensive and harmonious approach. You will acquire specific skills to use cutting-edge tools and methods in the areas of energy sustainability, including the use of innovative materials.

The entire course catalogue is English-taught.