Programme details

What will you learn?

The programme has multidisciplinary solution-oriented approach and is divided into two learning areas or specialist tracks that respond to two specific needs:

  • climate change triggers increasingly serious and frequent risks for the territory, for man and also for the economy;
  • our building heritage is fragile and must be able to respond to these changes in a resilient way over time.

Depending on the specialist track you have chosen, in Year 1 you will take the following compulsory courses:

  • Construction resilience, Italian-taught
  • Green building, English-taught

In both specialist tracks, in Year 2 you will be able to tailor your study plan to your needs and interests by choosing some optional courses. On top of working on your thesis project, you will be able to choose 4 courses from the course catalogue in Building engineering and up to a maximum of 3 optional courses (free choice credits).

How will you learn it?

The Master’s degree programme is taught in Italian and/or English.

You will take part in face-to-face lectures, practicals in the classrooom and in computer and experimental laboratories, also using digital communication platforms.

You will be able to improve your background with an internship and/or a period of study abroad and participate in the activities of the Student Teams with specific objectives.