After graduation

There are two opportunities after graduation:

You can work as an Automotive engineer choosing from a variety of career fields:

  • Design of assisted, autonomous and connected driving systems, i.e., defining the specifications of driver assistance systems and subsystems; management systems for powertrain and its subsystems for fuel consumption optimization; systems for stability control and driver assistance; mechatronic actuation systems for vehicle and powertrain control;
  • Product design, i.e., defining system and subsystem specifications of hybrid, electric, and conventional powertrain vehicle components; design of powertrain systems, car body, suspensions, steering, braking and vehicle management systems; research and development of new components; vehicle interior design;
  • Product-process development, i.e. development and integration of vehicle systems considering functionality, performance and costs; definition of production equipment based on Concurrent Engineering of the automotive product with CAD/CAM/CAE tools; product lifecycle management for the reduction of the environmental impact; development of solutions to reduce energy and natural resources consumption and to curb polluting emissions, production management for increasing the amount of recycled materials (Product Life Cycle Management);
  • Production engineering, i.e. design, construction, testing and management of systems, support logistics, with particular attention to industrial automation, and, in general, production optimization.

Alternatively, you can continue your studies with a 2nd level Master’s degree programme or a three-year PhD programme.