TeleArchitettura aims to collect and critically assess experiences of remote learning, enhancing those elements which, even in a context of face-to-face exchange, are an opportunity for the innovation of architectural design in teaching, learning and communicating the project or architecture. TeleArchitettura declines this main objective into two main actions.

The first is to establish a space for experimentation and discussion on architectural education and its relationship with society, the creation of communities of teachers and students, forms and tools; this space is aimed at teachers and students of any academic institution.

The second is the communication of the results of the bachelor and master's degree courses in Architecture at Politecnico di Torino, addressed to students from all over the world.

TeleArchitettura is a project born from the College of Architecture of the Department of Architecture and Design of Politecnico di Torino, open to the contributions of teachers and students.


Editorial board
Caterina Barioglio, Edoardo Bruno, Daniele Campobenedetto, Valeria Federighi, Elena Gaccone, Tommaso Listo

Creative Direction
Dalila Tondo

Advisory Board
Alessandro Armando, Michela Barosio, Carla Bartolozzi, Michela Benente, Mauro Berta, Filippo de Pieri, Francesca Frassoldati, Silvia Gron, Massimiliano Lo Turco, Manuela Mattone, Paolo Mellano, Emanuele Morezzi, Matteo Robiglio, Nicola Russi, Silvia Tedesco, Francesca Thiebat, Elena Vigliocco