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The sixth appointment of TOP EXPERIENCES will host Federico Grom

"I have been – and still am – an entrepreneur, a projects’ promoter, a motivator.
“Grom – Gelato the way it used to be”, the company to which I’ve been dedicating all my commitment, it’s a project that started out in Turin in 2003 in a commercial space of a few square meters, and that is now active in more than 15 countries. The key element to this success was my friendship with Guido, my long - time business partner, with whom I also had the honour to write “Grom, the story of a friendship, some ice cream and lots of flowers”: our determination and passion have been transmitted as priorities to all of our collaborators, which by now are more than a thousand worldwide.

Today, my entrepreneurial attitude has led me to deal with agriculture in the context of the agricultural company “Mura Mura”, which produces wine and fruit in Piedmont, and with Real Estate within the Retail field.
During the past few years I have been invited many times, as a speaker, to tell my experience in Italian and international business realities, with the goal of conveying the values that led me to the creation and development of Grom and other subsequent businesses.
I’m passionate about teams’ training and motivating: these are the most relevant and substantial activities for both an entrepreneur and a manager, in any professional field.
I love investing my time and my resources in new adventures and experiences: my next challenges are the mobility of the future and the E-learning."

Chairs Francesca VergaRector’s Delegate for Relations with the Americas and the University Task Force for Africa