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Thu 13 Jun
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Queering universities: the LGBTQIA+ perspective in the academic spaces

A queer space is defined not so much by the specific gender identities or sexual orientations of the people who inhabit it, but by the fact that it challenges a dominant canon that often causes discrimination.
With contributions from academics, activists, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, we will explore what it means to create a queer-friendly space and university. We'll reflect on how to challenge patriarchal and heteronormative cultures, fostering an environment of welcome and mutual respect.
Starting from these references, we will discuss how universities can evolve to become places of inclusion and safety for all identities. We will also share the experiences of those
who have worked to transform university environments into queer and safe spaces.

This event, organized by GReG (PhD Greta Temporin, Giulia Beltramino e Francesca Brunori) together with Equality Committee - CUG, follows the last year's "Safe(r) Spaces" event, and aims to explore how universities can be transformed into queer, welcoming, and inclusive spaces.

The event is open and invites the active participation of the Politecnico di Torino community.

The event will be conducted in English.

  • Giulia Beltramino - PhD Student in Management, Production and Design

Institutional welcome
  • Arianna Montorsi - Directress of PoliTo Gender Studies Center
  • Fernanda Torre - VicePresident Equality Committee
  • Alessandra Colombelli - Gender Research coordination Group (GReG) coordinator

Dialogue: Queering Universities
  • Nicole Braida (PhD) - Research Fellow in Sociology, UniTo
  • Marco Santangelo (PhD) - Full professor DIST, PoliTo
  • Magda Bolzoni (PhD) - Assistant professor DIST, PoliTo
  • Collettivo Alan Turing - PoliTo

Greta Temporin - PhD Student in Management,
Production and Design

Q&A and open debate