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PoliTO App is The official apps of the Politecnico di Torino are a way to always have the services and functions offered by the university at your fingertips. Available on the Google Play store e on the Apple Store, the apps provides customised tools for students, lecturers and technical-administrative staff. 

PoliTO Students App

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The new PoliTO Students App, born in 2023 thanks to a collaborative design approach, is characterized by a user experience designed on the students needs, who was involved from the early stages of development, through interviews and focus groups. Furthermore, the development team included two Computer Engineering students, who worked in synergy with the University staff.

Now the students can have everything they need for life at the University.

  • The main section, "Teaching", presents the courses, an extract of the available exams and the booklet with your career in a single screen. The display of courses is customizable: you can select which ones to see and customize their appearance with colors and icons.
  • The "Agenda" section, completely renewed, presents the daily and weekly commitments at the University, aggregating lessons, exams, reservations and deadlines.
  • The "Places" section has been redesigned with a view to facilitating movement within the University and searching for places. The plans of the different floors of the city offices have been integrated into a geo-database to be able to be used on top of the cartographic base provided by Open Street Map. A marker system presents the main categories of places the students are interested in, allowing immediate orientation within the buildings. You can search for a place by name or by category.

The application is available on the Google Play store for Android devices and in the Apple store.

PoliTO App

PoliTO App

The "old" PoliTO App remains available to the teaching staff to view assignments, session enrolments, and manage attendance directly in real time for exam registrations. 

The project for the new app dedicated to teachers and staff of the University, scheduled for 2024, is already being analyzed.