Study plan

The Board of the PhD programme in Mechanical Engineering, complying with the criteria issued by ScuDo, and with the aim of mentoring and helping the candidates in arranging a study plan as much coherent and complete as possible, has decided to shape its course catalogue in two tracks. 

TRACK I – Functional analysis of machines and systems

Mainly oriented to the study of the operation of machines and mechanical systems, considering their dynamic features, performance and control. 

TRACK II – Mechanical construction and materials

Mainly oriented to the constructional design of mechanical components, considering their characteristics in terms of structural response under static and dynamic loading, starting from the mechanical properties of the materials. 

The two tracks share some courses deemed useful to all PhD candidates, whilst other courses are distinctive. The tracks should be regarded as guidelines rather than sealed compartments; indeed, it is possible to select courses classified under both tracks to create one’s programme. In any case the list is completed with courses chosen from the whole III level course catalogue as well as outside Politecnico.