Research topics

With a view to transdisciplinary training, the PhD course promotes joint research and design development activities in the fields of Design, Architectural Technology and Environmental Quality, divided into "macro areas" and related "areas". 

The 5 identified macro areas represent specific scientific interests of contemporary research, shared by professors and researchers of the Academic Board: 

  1. Sustainable and circular systems 
  2. Communication and digital transformation 
  3. Inclusion and social cohesion 
  4. Cultural heritage, rehabilitation and regeneration of the territory
  5. Technological and materials culture

Both scholarships with free topics and those with restricted topics (corporate or included in European or national programs) will refer to a "macro area" and to one or more "areas", which will also be made explicit in the description of each scholarship. 

Students will be guided in their research by at least two tutors from different disciplines and can use network relationships with national and international research groups inside or outside the Politecnico di Torino, and collaborations or joint development of research with small, medium and big companies. 

In addition to these relations, PhD students will be able to be supported in their research by a significant offer of Laboratories and Research Centers belonging to the Departments of DAD Architecture and Design and DENERG Energy, described in the last part of this overview.

The PhD has access to the Laboratories (with technical staff) and Centers (coordinated by teaching staff) of DAD Architecture and Design, and DENERG Energy, Departments, which offer specializations linked to the multidimensional skills of the Doctorate. Both the Laboratories and the Research Centers are located in the spaces of the Politecnico di Torino: Castello del Valentino, Istituto Galileo Ferraris, Cittadella Politecnica and Cittadella del Design in Mirafiori.