After graduation

There are two main possible career paths: you can continue your studies with a PhD programme or a 2nd level Specializing Master’s programme in Physics or Engineering, both in Italy and abroad.

Alternatively, you can work as a specialist in modelling and simulation of complex systems. You will be able to choose from a variety of career opportunities in top companies and research centres operating in multidisciplinary areas such as:

  • MODELLING AND SIMULATION OF NOVEL MATERIALS: you will contribute to discover new fundamental physical effects in novel materials. You will work with experts to design models for materials, to simulate their behavior and to optimize their properties to modern applications.
  • INFERENCE AND OPTIMIZATION PROBLEMS: you will work to determine optimal and/or suboptimal solutions to problems that are considered "intractable"  from a computational complexity stance, because they have a large number of constraints or interactions which are often competing with each other, thus creating a frustrated problem.
  • MODELLING AND SIMULATION OF BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS: you will contribute to the analysis of biological data and the development of new drugs (rational drug design).
  • MODELLING AND SIMULATION OF STOCHASTIC PROCESSES: you will work to solve dynamic problems with large random fluctuations, such as problems that may be encountered in financial markets analysis or dynamics of turbulent fluids.