Useful information for the internship

Master's degree internship

An helmet in a working site

To facilitate the start of the internship and the communication between the intern and the supervisor, during the internship and in the final elaboration, simple guidelines have been created. You can find them here: 

    List of companies

    The list of companies that have hosted students on internships in recent years can be accessed from your personal page in the "STAGE" - "Ricerca aziende partner" section, where you can search for companies based on various parameters (such as Italy or abroad, or province). Once a list is displayed, clicking on the company name will allow you to view the information that the company has made available, including contacts. This method must be used from now on to contact the companies. The internship offers available on the portal are still available, as well as the possibility for students to make direct contact with companies not yet affiliated with the Politecnico.