After graduation

Your career as a digital expert begins here. You will be able to find a job in companies, public administrations, digital transformation consultancy firms, non-profit organizations as well as work in the field of technological and scientific research. Choosing the English-taught Master's degree course in Digital skills for stustainable societal transitions you will become a Digital Expert, a professional who is able to:

  • engage in the multi-stakeholder dialogue that is typical of digital transformation projects, providing multiple disciplinary perspectives to develop innovative data-enabled services;
  • foster inclusive and sustainable development in particular in the context of the post-carbon city transitions that respond to the multiple challenges of climate change;
  • work in cooperation with groups of experts bringing digital technology-related skills (programming techniques, database management, data processing) and competencies in specific application areas.

There are three specific career fields:

  • Technological innovation for post-carbon cities: expertise in energy transition processes and sustainable mobility to design innovative and sustainable technological strategies and solutions for the environment.
  • Methodologies and techniques for Industry 4.0: expertise in the digitalization of industrial processes, predictive maintenance, digital twins, integrated management of production systems, Manufacturing Execution System tools (MES).
  • Cultural heritage: expertise in the field of the design and management of ICT-based solutions for analysis, representation, communication and dissemination of cultural urban heritage.