Programme details

What will you learn?

This programme is divided in four semesters that investigate the relationship between design and sustainability. Each semester has a specific topic.

The educational path is organized as follows:

  • Design and society: during the first semester you will learn about the vulnerabilities of the territory with a view to finding design solutions that can respond to the challenges of resilience at the large and architectural scale.
  • Design and environment: in the second semester you will learn about environmental design, from the micro-urban scale to the development phase of the architectural artifact; you will also explore the relationships between new digital tools and the built heritage.
  • Design and innovation: in the third semester you will take interdisciplinary courses that cover design of open spaces, design of high environmental performance buildings, sustainable redesign of contemporary artifacts, with a focus on the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainability.
  • In-depth study: in the last semester you will take optional courses that will guide you towards the final examination.

You will be able to tailor your study plan to your needs and interests taking some optional cross-disciplinary courses from the other Master’s degree programmes in Architecture.

How will you learn it?

The Master’s degree programme is taught both in Italian (with the possibility to choose some English-taught courses) and in English.

Politecnico promotes international mobility and gives you the opportunity to study abroad at a foreign university in the framework of Erasmus agreements for simple exchange programmes and double degrees.

In addition to the various disciplines, you will attend interdisciplinary ateliers and seminars where you will do simulations of real cases and you will experience the same kind of dialogue that increasingly characterize the world of work and innovation.

You will be able to further specialize and tailor your study plan to your needs and interests by participating in specific programmes, such as the Interdisciplinary Challenges and the initiatives of the Alta Scuola Politecnica, in which you will learn how to work in a team and by objectives, in collaboration with partners from the business world and from other institutions.

You will be part of an international community that will help you grow from a cultural and professional point of view, for example by attending lectures and conferences held by prestigious Visiting Professors from the most important international universities.

You will be able to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the programme with a curricular internship and/or post-graduate internship in Italy or abroad. This experience will guide you towards future career opportunities.

Interesting facts

The School of Architecture of Politecnico di Torino is among the top 30 Schools in the world and ranks 28th in QS rankings for 2022.

The current Master’s degree programme in Architecture for sustainability is the result of a recent reorganization of courses and curricula (started in a.y. 2021/22) which seeks to boost the competitiveness and innovation of the teaching process at the School of Architecture.

Architettura per la Sostenibilità