FINAL THESIS - How to Register

Students are required to register via their personal didactic web page for the Degree examination by the deadline set by the Secretariat from session to session (approximately 15-20 days before the date of the Degree session).
The date of the LT proclamation for the various Degree Sessions is set by the University calendar and publicised on the General Notice Board. The date of the discussion, on the other hand, is set from session to session by the College Coordinator and the Course Coordinator and does not necessarily coincide with that of the proclamation, but may take place up to 5 days before that date.
On the day of the discussion, candidates are required to present themselves in accordance with the timetable established by the convocation, bringing their thesis printed and bound with a thermal cover. The thesis must be exhibited and left with the committee throughout the discussion and may be retrieved at the end of the session.
No further formalities are required of First Level undergraduates.

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