After graduation

There are two main possibilities after graduation: enrolling in a Master’s degree programme or, alternatively, start working in one of the following career fields: 

  1. Junior Designer, with broad and various knowledge and skills in ITC application areas
  2. Production Engineer, prepared to work in manufacturing processes after the design phase, develop prototypes, manage the automation of production steps, verify the processing times and the final product testing
  3. Technical-Commercial Expert, who can assist customers in all phases, from the design of specifications to sales and after sales services
  4. Junior Service and  Maintenance Engineer, who applies techniques for failure detection and testing of electronic equipment or systems that include electronic parts
  5. Electronic Laboratory Manager, who manages and organizes these labs according to efficiency criteria

All this can range over multiple sectors that involve daily life, services and production systems. For example: home automation, biomedical, surveillance, transportation, production systems of small and large companies involving robotic systems and equipment for management and manufacturing, agriculture and food processing, tools and equipment for telecommunications.