After graduation


After completing the bachelor’s degree, you can enroll to a master degree course to obtain a specific training in your preferred subjects or you can decide to leave academia and confront yourself with the job market as a junior engineer, for which fairly good opportunities do exist in Italy and abroad.

Civil and environmental engineers acquire specific knowledge and skills in supporting the design, construction, management, control and maintenance/monitoring of constructions (civil and industrial buildings), large-scale works (bridges, dams, tunnels), infrastructure (roads and transport, water collection, distribution and disposal systems) and works, systems and plants in environmental and territorial engineering. Regarding the latter, we would also like to highlight the skills provided in the control of production activities and environmental and territorial safety, in the implementation and management of environmental recovery interventions, in the management of construction site activities, soil protection and land protection, in the construction of treatment and recovery plants for solid or liquid waste, and in the construction of landfills for solid urban waste or industrial waste.