sustainable batteries
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Sustainable Batteries and Electrocatalytic Processes

To mitigate the climate change and reach a carbon neutral society before it is too late, a mix of sustainable energy technologies are needed. In this talk Magda Titirici will present research from her group in the area of sustainable batteries beyond Li ion, green H2 from the electrolysis of biomass derivatives as well as fuel cells free of Pt electrocatalysts.

Magda Titirici is Chair in Sustainable energy materials at Imperial College since 2019. Her research interests involve sustainable materials with focus on carbon and carbon hybrids, waste recycling into advance products, avoidance of critical elements in renewable energy technologies and the development of truly sustainable clean energy storage and conversion paths including alternative chemistries beyond Li, flexible and structural supercapacitors made from lignin/cellulose, carbon-based oxygen electrocatalysis, CO2 capture and conversion and exploring the optoelectronic properties of nanocarbons. Her research is supported by UKRI, EU, Royal Society, Royal Society of Engineering and industry.

The event will be held on Friday 7th June 2024 in AULA 1F, Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT).