Mer 29 Nov
Seminari e Convegni

Doing research, being engaged: methodological challenges and ethical reflections

Two roundtables to discuss together some of the methodological challenges and ethical reflections around doing research. Both roundtables aim at fostering the discussion about these topics through sharing experiences, lessons learned and doubts.

Roundtable 1: "Attempt, persist, renounce, take care. Sharing challenges, experiences and practices on accessing and being in the field"
In the morning, the focus will be on some of the, often neglected, methodological challenges of doing fieldwork and carrying on qualitative research.

Roundtable 2: "Engaged scholarship everyday? Sharing doubts, practices and ethical quagmires"
The afternoon will be centered on the role of research and researchers and the everyday practices of engaged scholarship.

The roundtables are primarily directed to PhD students, but everybody is welcome. Scholars have been invited to start and join the discussion, but, after their inputs, the floor will be open to all participants.

Among the invited scholars who will provide inputs during the roundtables: Janet Cherry (DDS, MNU, South Africa; visiting at DIST), Lucilla Barchetta (DFBC, UniVe), Elisa Bignante (DCPS, UniTo), Irene Bono (DCPS, UniTo), Maddalena Gretel Cammelli (DCPS, UniTo), Luigi Gariglio (DCPS, UniTo), Antonio Vesco (DSPS, UniCt), Silvia Aru (DIST), Francesco Chiodelli (DIST), Mara Ferreri (DIST), Michele Lancione (DIST), Giovanni Semi (DIST), Loris Servillo (DIST).

Introduction and chairs: Magda Bolzoni and Marta Montanini (DIST).

For more information write an e-mail to Magda Bolzoni or Marta Montanini.

Event organized by PhD - Urban and Regional Develop