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FlexAGV - Exploitation of flexibility in smart manufacturing systems

12 months (2017)
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Corporate-funded and donor-funded research
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Progetti di ricerca finanziati nell’ambito dell’Accordo FCA 2014-2018 - progetti 2017


The main objective of the present project is the study of innovative methodologies and criteria to design flexible manufacturing lines capable of fully exploiting the benefits and the flexibility provided by the AGV-based transport. In turn, the findings of this research will be integrated into: 1.A system for decision support devoted to the designers of manufacturing lines, able to optimize thelocation of the manufacturing cells in the shop-floor area; 2.A system for simulating the traffic flow across the shop-floor, to identify possible criticalities andevaluate the overall performance of the manufacturing system.



  • FCA Italy S.p.A.


Total cost: € 680,000.00
Total contribution: € 50,000.00
PoliTo total cost: € 50,000.00
PoliTo contribution: € 50,000.00