Tavoli China center


Michele Bonino, Director

Marco Begani, Regional Manager

Francesca Palazzo, Project Manager

Lorenza Scaldaferri, Social Media Manager



The China Center provides centralized coordination of the PoliTO activities in China. The governance of the China Center involves:

  • an Executive Board, composed by the Academic representatives of the PoliTO  Departments to define the goals and translate the strategy of PoliTO in China into academic lines of action within the fields of Education, Research, Training, and others;
  • a Management Board, composed by the professional and administrative representatives of the different PoliTO areas involved in the activities, providing planning, analysis and management to the cooperation.

Moreover, an Advisory Board, involving external advisors from the Higher Education, Policy and Industry sectors, supports the China Center to the definition of its long-term strategy as well as its decision making.