Agreement types

Memorandum of Understanding: states the common commitment of the universities involved to promote joint actions in the fields of education and research. It is a statement of purpose which requires that further specific agreements should be signed in order to implement common goals and objectives.

Student Exchange Agreement: regulates an international educational programme which offers students the opportunity to attend some courses at a foreign partner university. These courses will be recognized by the university of origin on the basis of a learning agreement signed by both parties.

Double Degree Agreement: regulates an international educational programme in which the partner institutions integrate their course catalogues to allow students to attain two university degrees (without any change in the academic contents of the degree programmes involved). As a general rule, students are required to complete an additional semester and to earn 30 extra ECTS compared to the standard duration of the course of study.

Joint Degree Agreement: regulates an international integrated educational programme in which two or more HEIs jointly organize a degree programme regulated by specific rules in each university. All the participating institutions deliver the courses and determine the duration and contents of the periods of study that students alternately spend in each university. The joint educational path is recognized by the Ministry of Education. It may lead to the conferral of a single degree, jointly awarded by the partner institutions, or to a multiple degree (national degrees awarded by each institution involved).

Erasmus+ Interinstitutional Agreements: cooperation agreement which regulates mobility in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme. It determines the outgoing/incoming student and faculty mobility flows between partner universities for study or teaching/training purposes.
Erasmus+ interinstitutional agreements can be signed with:

  • universities based in programme countries (EU countries)
  • universities based in partner countries (non-EU countries)