Fill out the CPD questionnaire - I teaching period

Every year, Politecnico di Torino students and faculty are asked to fill out the questionnaires prepared by the Comitato Paritetico per la Didattica (CPD) for the evaluation of teaching: an important tool to check the quality of the teaching provided by the University and the satisfaction of the Politecnico community.

For the I teaching period of the 23/24 Academic Year, questionnaires can be filled out by the student population starting December 11, while faculty members can fill it out from December 18.

As of this year, the questionnaire has been revamped in its design, in the revision and wording of the questions, and in the manner of delivery and return. A description of the new features introduced can be found on this page (Italian only).

The evaluation of teaching is carried out through three tools: questionnaires measuring satisfaction, analysis of the Single Annual Study Course Data Sheets (SUA-CdS) and Study Course Review Reports. These elements are evaluated by the Joint Teaching Committee, both at the University level and by individual Course of Study, to return to the University bodies, the faculty and the student community a summary of the satisfaction rate on the educational offerings.

The results are collected in the Annual Report, prepared by December 31 of each year, which is one of the moments of the Self-Assessment, Evaluation and Accreditation process provided for by ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research).

Starting with the 2019/20 Academic Year, the CPD has also provided the end-of-course questionnaire, intended for those who are about to conclude their Level I or II education, in order to receive students' evaluations of some significant aspects of their stay at the University. The CPD has planned from the winter session of the a.y. 2020/21 on an experimental basis to dispense the post-exam questionnaire, on a voluntary basis of the and the holders of the teachings.