From 26 May
Events at the Politecnico

Orientathon - Hackathon for orientation

From Friday, 26 May until Saturday, 27 May 2023, the Orientathon Hackathon will take place, an opportunity to share one's ideas and contribute to their realisation.

On 26 May, the initiative will be presented, groups will be formed and activities will be launched. The hackathon will take place on Saturday 27 May at the Sala Agorà I3P, and will conclude with the presentation of solutions and methods for orientation proposed by each group. All students from any course of study are invited to participate, no specific knowledge is required, and participating students will receive a merchandising product.

If their group presents one of the two best ideas, it will be possible to collaborate with the University through part-time collaboration grants, in order to design better proposals and implement new University services.
Participation in the hackathon will enable participants to strengthen important soft skills for their own training and career path, and their involvement will help make the University more effective in supporting the student population in the continuous choices of the university path, from the choice of study programme to finding the job that best meets the individual's expectations.