After graduation

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The structure of the Master Programme is designed to provide graduate students with the necessary training both for entering post-graduate education programmes (first- and second-level Masters, Schools of Specialization, PhD programmes) and the profession, guaranteeing competitiveness also on the international market. The compulsory internship will contribute to facilitate entry in the professional field.

Graduates in the Master Programme in Landscape Architecture will have access to two professional Chambers, following a successful compulsory State Examination:

  • the Chamber of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators, Section A - Sector C;
  • the Chamber of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors, Section A.

The statute of both Chambers describe the landscape architect as a professional figure with specific tasks related to the analysis and assessment of landscapes in their physical-spatial, ecological-environmental, historical-cultural and aesthetic-perceptual aspects, to the design of gardens, parks and landscapes at various scales, to the restoration of historical parks and gardens, and to landscape planning and management. Landscape architects can act as coordinators between different actors, experts and professional figures involved in the landscape design project; they can also carry out research activities aimed at landscape knowledge, protection, management, and design.

The profession can be carried out:

  • in the public sector;
  • in private companies;
  • at third sector operating in landscape transformation and conservation.