After graduation


Our graduates successfully find a job:

  • in multinational companies in the energy and mineral resources sector, in the fields of exploration, production and processing of raw materials and energy resources, in energy transition projects (decarbonisation, gas storage, CO2 capture); 
  • in service and consultancy companies in the fields of exploration, extraction technologies, plant management and safety, design, management and monitoring of gas storage activities, processing plants, environmental impact assessments of extraction and storage activities, decarbonisation techniques and technologies, and plant upgrading 
  • in public and private regulatory and certification bodies, in the field of reserves certification, policy and regulation definition, and
  • in industrial and public bodies and research centres


Our students get solid basis to continue with their studies, if interested, in third-level education programmes. In particular the education offer of Politecnico di Torino includes the following: 

For the entire third-level offer, please visit the links below.