What you will learn?

The curriculum focuses on methodological and engineering skills and is organized as follows:

In Year 1 you will take compulsory courses in the following fields of study: "data-driven" processes, methodologies and technologies for data acquisition, storage, analysis and visualization of information, predictive and non-predictive models based on machine learning algorithms, mathematical and probabilistic-statistical models for data representation, transformation and modelling, stochastic optimization and ethics in data analysis and data protection processes.

In Year 2 you will be free to choose the courses that will complete your specialized training in some fields of application. In addition, you will take a compulsory course on innovation management and extracting value from data.

At the end of the programme, you will prepare a thesis.

How will you learn it?

The Master’s degree programme is English-taught to prepare you for a future career in international companies and research centres.

You will take part in face-to-face lectures, classroom practicals, computer and experimental laboratories, including individual activities or group work. You will also be able to connect with private companies.

You will be able to attend part of your courses aboard and earn a double degree.