What you will learn?

Upon enrolment in the programme you will choose one of our seven specialist tracks.

The curriculum includes four types of courses:    

  • compulsory courses;
  • specific courses for each specialist track;
  • elective courses.

In Year 1 you will take compulsory courses in computer architecture, system programming, database technology, software engineering, network services and technology, IT security. In Year 2 you will take specific courses depending on the specialist pathway that you have chosen.

At the end of the programme, you will have a final examination which consists in writing and defending a Master’s thesis.

How will you learn it?

Some specialist tracks are taught in English, while others are offered in Italian. You can choose to take your compulsory courses either in Italian or in English.

You will take part in face-to-face lectures, practicals in the classroom and in computer labs, experimental exercises, self-study and group work.

You will be able to work on your thesis project while doing an internship in a company. You can also earn a double degree if you spend some periods of study abroad.